The most advanced photo booth for all your event needs

With our many features, and customizable design - our photo booth at your events will be an instant hit.

With our pricing model, we guarantee that your ROI for investing in a Boothflix Mini will be less than 8 months

Every customer is unique

We help you stay up to date with these changes by providing customer specific customizations directly to your photo booth - similar to app updates!



  • Photo booth containing
    • DSLR
    • Printer
    • iPad
  • Hardware warranty


  • Printer supplies
  • Internet connectivity to booth
  • Permanent URL to photos from each event
  • Event specific designs - make every event unique!
  • New feature updates every month!



Our hardware is designed to adapt to a wide variety of environments

  • Outdoors
  • Wall mounted
  • Camera tripods

We don't stop there. It is also possible to customize the photobooth itself to fit into the theme of a venue or an event.



Our batteries-included approach means that all you need is a few square feet of space and a power outlet to get started

We've designed it to be rugged and compact enough to be carried on a 2 wheeler. You'll never have to rent a vehicle for transportation again

High Performance

Our 18 Megapixel DSLR camera has a wide ISO range which allows us to capture stunning images even in low light conditions (our photobooth also has an external flash)

Highest standard of customer satisfaction can only be achieved by using the most performant hardware

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