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At Boothflix, we believe there are better ways; to tell your story, preserve a memory or just act silly in front of a camera. Our mission is to help you share these moments digitally and via photos and flipbooks with your loved ones. The idea to innovate sharing and story telling was conceded back in 2016 between the co-founders after a marathon brain Roughly two and half years later and countless hours of programming, design and engineering, we present to you: Boothflix.


Concrete meets bricks
Concrete meets bricks
flipbook flipbook
flipbook flipbook

Weddings and Private Parties


Sapan Katwala

Sapan Katwala is an Electrical Engineer with a Masters in Production Design and Technology. He has lived and worked in the United States until 2013 before settling back home, in India. Also, he LOVES dogs!


Bunty is a people person. He has a chatri and he likes to use it sometimes. He is old school and trusts low level programming languages more than his best friend Ganesh.


Bob is our fun person. Bob likes to laugh, play, tease but most of all, Bob likes to hug.

Sometimes also called as "Little Brother", he will support you whatever you wish to achieve. But just make sure he doesn't get hungry.


Graphic Designer, Social Media handler and Everything Consultant.

Toral loves meeting and collaborating with people and turn their ideas into visually appealing designs. After finishing her degree in London, she moved back to India to take over the grpahic design world.


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